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What Is Blah Blah Blah?
This year marks the 50th anniversary of Ruby Mazur’s Mouth and Tongue he created for the Rolling Stones’ “Tumbling Dice” record sleeve.
Mint Price
0.075 ETH
Mint is LIVE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ruby Mazur?

Ruby Mazur is an artist who has created some of the most recognizable and iconic art in the world. Throughout his career, he’s created the cover artwork for more than 3,000 different records and albums. This NFT drop celebrates his life and art, and a portion of every sale goes to fight cancer – a disease that affects millions of people around the world every year, including Ruby.

When does minting start?

Whitelist access (priority access) opens on January 5th 2021 with public minting beginning on January 6th

Is this an auction (highest bidder wins) or a sale?

This is a NFT sale, not an auction.

How many NFTs can I purchase?

Collectors are limited to 3 tokens each.

How many tokens are available to the public?

In total there are 5,050 AI-generative tokens as part of this drop. The majority are reserved for those who are on the priority whitelist; however after those on the whitelist have had first access, a small amount will be released to the general public.

Why 5,050? Does that mean something specific?

There are 5,050 tokens to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of Ruby Mazur’s most iconic covers and as a nod to our 50/50 equality campaign.

I live internationally – can I still participate in the physical giveaway?

Yes, we can ship internationally!

How do I get priority access to the drop?

Follow the instructions here to get onto the whitelist for the Ruby Mazur drop.

Can I buy it with USD or a credit card?

Unfortunately, you can only bid using Ethereum currency.

If you’re not familiar with cryptocurrency or don’t own any Etherium (ETH) no worries!

Go here to see a guide on how to buy Ethereum to make your purchase.

Does being on the whitelist guarantee me a token?

No, but it does give you first access as well as a discount on the final price!

What is #FckCancer?

In 2020, doctors diagnosed Ruby Mazur with fast-moving cancer and brain tumor. #FckCancer encompasses Ruby’s personal initiatives to help kick cancer’s a$$ and find a cure for all.